branding Your online presence is the first thing people see when they try to find out about you online.

Having a strong presence will help bring in new interests and give people a good idea about you or your organization.

Search Engine Optimization

title= Having a website that looks good is important but not the only factor in searchability.

Search engines rank you on keyword analysis, Security, speed of load time, and above all your mobile-friendly features that make your website function quick and seamless regardless of how big the screen is.

There are various other factors but these are the big ones to set the stage for success.

Custom Design / Redesign / Mobile Friendly Design

title The online world is constantly changing and so are the devices we use to interact with it. Having a website built with a mobile-first approach is very important if you want to outshine your competitors.

You need something that will scale with the screen size and adapt to the needs of each and every visitor.

Whether you are just starting out or just outdated, having a website designed to be responsive and quick can make a world of difference in the results you see.


WordPress Development WordPress is a solid choice to build a website with because it is widely used and supported. You can be assured that you have a content management system that will be around for a while.

The development community is huge and there is always something new in the pipeline. There are also countless options for additional plugin features and themes so that changing with the times is just a matter of choice.


eCommerce We all dream of passive income…

While eCommerce is not completely passive it significantly changes the dynamics of how you make your sales. The business comes to you and you do not have the overhead that comes with a brick and mortar business.

If you have a small business or line of products you are trying to launch Innovation Web Services can help you actualize your eCommerce goals.

Amazon Web Services / Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon Web Services ~ AWS Once you make the leap to eCommerce, you may outgrow a shared hosting plan or virtual private network(VPN).

When keeping load speed at the top of your priorities you may need to invest in an infrastructure that can keep pace with your demands.

Amazon Web Services gives you the same hosting infrastructure Amazon itself uses. This provides you a scalable, fast, and dependable hosting solution.

In addition, Innovation Web Services has almost a decade experience in working with Amazon Fulfillment so that you can sell on the Amazon website itself and use their warehouse and distribution system to do all your leg work when you sell through other online channels.


Greater Eugene Area

Innovation Web Services started in Eugene in 2016.

The current business location is:

570 Lawrence St. Ste #107 Eugene, Or

This is the official brick and mortar office and is currently only accepting scheduled meetings.

Florence ~ Oregon Coast

This is a home office and is currently the primary location being worked from:

This location is a place of residence so I would prefer to meet publicly or at your place of business to discuss projects. I would very much like to take on more clients on the Oregon Coast.